Saturday, July 02, 2005

Deanette's Syndrome

It didn't take long to come across more socially inappropriate verbal outbursts from donkdom. I am now so convinced that this is a newly discovered mental disorder, I am naming it after the chairman Howard Dean, as in Deanette's Syndrome. I will continue to post more evidence as the holiday weekend progresses.

After attending a mock impeachment hearing two weeks ago staged by House Democrats, Rep. Waters told cheering onlookers, "Finally Congress has come alive and decided to take on this president in a real way."

The president is a liar," she continued. "Dick Cheney, the chief architect of the Big Lie, is not only a liar, he is a thief."

Waters' comments went unreported by the mainstream press, only to be picked up by the People's Weekly World Newspaper - a Communist publication.

Rep. Waters declined to respond to repeated calls from NewsMax this week, asking if she disputed the quote.

The California Democrat is a leading member of the House Out of Iraq caucus; a group whose roster includes John Conyers, Barbara Lee, Charles Rangel, Carolyn Maloney, Jose Serrano and other anti-war Democrats.

Speaking alongside Waters, Rep. Lee vowed to apply "street heat" to Congress to bring an end to "this illegal war."

From NewsMax.

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