Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dean's Dementia, A Donkdom Pandemic

Dirty Dick Durbin has urged the President to consult with Democrats about the replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor. He wants someone who is not extreme, someone down the middle.
The problem is that Durbin's recent speech shows he understands neither extreme nor middle of the road. He has no inkling of the severity of his own words and he expects to be accepted as the touchstone for what is mainstream?
It seems that Howard Dean's madness is spreading like some alien virus, a liberal strain of Tourette"s Syndrome causing coprolalia and other bizarre behavior among liberal dems and their lackeys. I fear what outbursts may erupt from donkdom this Independence Day as they wrestle with the demons of doubt about their patriotism.
Oh well, a safe and happy holidy to all and may God bless and save the Republic.

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