Friday, May 25, 2007

Chertoff Secures The Mosques, America Is Safe

The Department of Homeland Security that tells us we can't deport all the illegals, that we can't control our borders, that we can't catch aliens who've overstayed their visas...can give money to mosques to upgrade their security.

Michael Chertoff, who accuses people against amnesty for illegals of wanting the death penalty for them, seems to have no issue with spending American tax dollars to secure the least likely places of worship the islamomaniacs will attack.

Are we to trust this imbecile and his fellow flock of fools to implement a new immigration bill successfully? It is doubtful Chertoff could catch anything more dangerous than a cold and he certainly has no stomach for any real challenge.

Folks, we can't allow these incompetents to continue to endanger us. We must demand that our money be spent to secure this nation and not on coddling those who hate America.

A special thanks to Anna, who got me on the ball about this one.

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