Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do You Think?

A CNN on line poll asks. "Do you think China's military growth should worry the United States? 22% of those responding said no. When I checked that was 17,667 likely Americans who think we have nothing to fear from the Chicoms. If this is not enough to show what ignorance, apathy and the scourge of liberalism have wrought upon our nation, I'm not sure what would be required.

Do none of these people remember that Chinese Major General Zhu Chenghu said China would be prepared to attack the United States with nuclear weapons if U.S. forces intervened in a confrontation with Taiwan?

Are they unaware that China is currently spending two to three times more than the $30 billion per year publicly announced as its defense budget? That is a
Pentagon estimate and all that money has gone into building a modern military with the ability to fire nuclear missiles from submarines anywhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Do they not know that the city of Shanghai has
constructed a million-square-foot underground bunker complex capable of sheltering 200,000 people from a nuclear attack?

Did they miss the report that China has not only developed, but actually
deployed missiles that give it second-strike nuclear capability?

Do they care that the FBI has named China as the biggest espionage threat we face?

Does anything faze these people? God help us, I truly fear for my country if this many among us are oblivious to the evils we face.

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