Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sanctuary City Equals Sleeper Cell

From Fox News comes word that thanks to the "sanctuary cities" concept the three brothers charged in the Fort Dix terror plot were able to live here 23 years illegally. Even though they accumulated 19 traffic citations among them, law enforcement never reported them to Homeland Security.

It took a store clerk to trip them up and I wouldn't be surprised to see him condemned by the ACLU for invading the terrorists' "privacy." The FBI described the scenario as "dodging a bullet." One individual who decided to get involved and not be politically correct saved us from a tragedy.

Why do the majority of Americans need to continue to be endangered so the liberals can feel good about themselves with their sanctuaries for illegals? We need a federal law that will allow us to prosecute those who choose to abet these lawbreakers that threaten the security and sovereignty of our nation. We need government, federal, state and local that will protect American citizens.

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