Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Juarez, Mexico's Showpiece

From the El Paso Times comes word that that Fort Bliss has declared Juarez, Mexico off limits to US military personnel. It seems the city's drug-related violence is so bad it poses an unacceptable risk.

Meanwhile, Thomason Hospital in El Paso remained under a lockdown as armed deputies from El Paso County Sheriff's Office continued to guard Chihuahua Police Commander Fernando Lozano Sandoval, who is recovering from an assassination attempt on his life in Juárez. The commander a U.S. citizen, has dual nationality so we get to take care of him even though he was injured while working for the Mexican government. I wonder if Mexico will be paying for his security and the inconvenience of the other patients. Don't count on it.

Why do we allow dual citizenship? Either you should be American or something else, not both.

As usual, America gets stuck with Mexico's problems. The liberals would have us believe it's all worth it to keep the cost of lettuce at a reasonable price.

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