Thursday, October 15, 2009

NFL = National Federation of Leftards

Now, based on your politics you can be denied the right to ownership of a sports team? That's what happened to Rush Limbaugh. Despite its connection to outright felons like Michael Vick, the NFL finds that it's being conservative that is intolerable.

Michelle Malkin sums it up nicely on her blog. "Rush Derangement Syndrome took over the NFL. It’s a damned shame that the selective guardians of football chose to side with race hustlers, quote fabricators, and political opportunists over their own self-interest. The game has no more passionate fan and supporter than Rush Limbaugh. But now the NFL thinks it can afford to apply ideological litmus tests for ownership. What’s next? Political litmus tests for fans, too?"

The fans need to apply the litmus test. I have. I will not purchase any item that endorses the NFL or contributes money to them in any way. I would expect all conservatives to do the same. It will have an impact.

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