Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama Avoids Learning Moment

The guy who talks about "teachable moments," seems to be willing to pass on a learning moment for himself. After, spending many of his moments telling us all what the health bill does or does not say, now we are told Obama has only read “a decent part” (quantify that please) of it. This is according to the White House Minister of Propaganda, Baghdad Bob Gibbs.

How can the leader of the nation speak authoritatively about a bill he has not read? If he is relying on his information from aides then he needs to tell us he is merely spouting hearsay and let us know who is actually supplying this information. Then, we can question that person directly.

We probably could do better by picking our leadership in random drawings. Perhaps we should move to the jury duty method and use the pool of registered voters to select from.

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