Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Before Destuction

Three days ago, during a campaign stop in New Jersey, Barack Obama described Jon Corzine as “one of the best partners I have in the White house. We work together,” Obama said, “We know our work is far from over.”

Guess what, Barack, it's over.

Voters rejected the incumbent Corzine, despite the president's efforts to help him win.

Of course, Tim Kaine the Donk party chairman, issued a propaganda piece prepared ahead of time saying that Democrat losses should not be viewed as a referendum on President Obama or Democrat policies. They don't want them viewed that way even though they are a rejection of Obama and his policies.

I know New Jersey, I own a home there. It is a Democrat stronghold and suffers economically because of it. Property taxes are ridiculous. In fact, I plan to unload my house as soon as there is a market allowing me to do so.

Despite the Democrat machine, despite the visit by the Lord of the Teleprompter, Corzine lost. He lost because Americans are sending a message to Obama and his minions. But, nothing deafens like pride and arrogance and there is no shortage of either at the White House.

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