Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Defecate or Abdicate, Mr. President

Approaching the speed of a moving glacier, President Barack Obama said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday he is "very close" to a decision on boosting troop levels in Afghanistan and would make an announcement "in the next several weeks."
How many times have we heard that or something similar from the procrastination administration in the last several weeks?

Meanwhile, what he called a "war of necessity" continues and American lives are lost because of his indecisiveness. If it were George Bush diddling around like this, the media and its leftard minions would be apoplectic. But, because it's Barack, he's only being careful to make the right decision.

Indecision is always a terrible thing, but it is particularly horrendous when it involves life and death. Go or get off the pot, Obama.

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