Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sir, You Have No Plan

Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid has published the final text of a Senate health care bill that would mandate federally subsidized abortion. So the Democrats, once again, spit on the people of faith in this nation and continue to attempt to force us to pay for the murder of unborn infants.

Watch now as Obama does his dance to avoid taking sides in the struggle. He is not only indecisive about protecting our nation and our military, he will not even declare if he is pro life or pro death for the most innocent and helpless among us. Bart Stupak a pro life Democrat representative from Michigan describes to CNS his conversation with our "brilliant" president.

“I called him,” said Stupak. “I called the president--had a discussion with the president. And I read exactly what you just said [Obama's statement from his Sept. 9 speech saying that 'under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions']. And he said: ‘What it says is “under my plan”’—meaning the president’s plan. And I said: ‘With all due respect, sir, you do not have a plan. The only plan we have out is the House plan.’ So, I don’t know if it is a game of semantics or what.”

This is the bozo running our nation? People we are screwed, big time. Stupak has hit the nail on the head, ‘With all due respect, sir, you do not have a plan."

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