Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No Dissent, Where Have We Heard That Before?

In what has got to be one of his dumbest statements ever, Joe Biden asked voters in Watertown, NY to support the Democrat, Bill Owens in the House race. "We're not asking you to switch your party," Bozo Biden pitched to supporters of RINO Dede Scozzafava. "We're just saying, join us in teaching a lesson to absolutists who come and tell us that no dissent is permitted within their own party."

Has Biden no recollection of what his own party did to Joe Lieberman as recently as 2006? Furious over his refusal to join them in an all out surrender in Iraq, a war Harry Reid declared lost, the Donks purged Joe Lieberman (he was their candidate for VP in 2000) from the party.

Biden is more of a fool than a hypocrite, but he is both. Because of that he is right at home in the Democrat Party.

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