Monday, November 02, 2009

Someone Shut Them Up, Please

The Palestinians are whining and wailing again. Hillary Clinton said Saturday that Israel is making "unprecedented" concessions on West Bank settlement construction. That, however, is not good enough for these trouble makers.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh, responding to Clinton's comments, said, "There can be no excuse for the continuation of settlements, which is really the main obstacle in the way of any credible peace process.

"Israel is not interested in stopping its settlement activities and the American administration didn't succeed in convincing the Israeli government to stop these activities," he said. "There should be a real change in the Israeli position toward this issue in order for the peace process to be restarted."

The Palestinians are a joke. They can't control Hamas, they can't honor a cease fire or a truce and they've done absolutely nothing to recommend themselves as deserving of becoming a nation. We already have enough asylums, see North Korea, Libya, Sudan and Iran, asylums masquerading as nations. Why add another?

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