Friday, December 04, 2009

Cut Up Your AARP Card, They Have Betrayed You

Despite polls showing seniors are concerned about their benefits, the Senate has voted to keep significant Medicare cuts in its health care overhaul bill. The Democrats again showed their disdain for the will of the American people. It's time their health care is put to a vote in a general election and we, the people, can start cutting their entitlements.

John McCain, proposing to strip Medicare cuts from the bill and send the whole measure back to committee, found he was opposed by the AARP lobby which is supposed to have seniors' welfare at heart. In reality it is a left wing organization hoping to cloak itself in the benign garb of helping the elderly.

McCain had it right when he instructed seniors from the Senate floor, "Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back. They've betrayed you."

Indeed, like the rest of the leftist weasels in this nation, the AARP is good at betrayal.

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