Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leaving a Light On for the Terrorists

He's the weasel who accused General David Petraeus of “carefully manipulating the statistics” to convince people “that violence in Iraq is decreasing and thus the surge is working.” He's the islamomaniac lover who voted against the John Doe amendment that would have protected those who report suspicious behavior from lawsuits. Yes, this is the treasonous piece of garbage who, during war, compared our American military to Nazis, Soviet gulags and the Pol Pot regime.

Dick, the Turban Durbin, still stinking up the Senate, is back in the news again.
This time he is preparing a home for his terrorist friends. He will be at the White House today offering accommodations in Illinois for his brethren from Gitmo.

Yes, Dick, the sympathizer and would be enabler of the prophet's psychotics, is taking the terrorists under his left wing to make sure they are treated properly. He also wants the jobs and money he can manipulate out of the Federal Government with this little deal. Dick's on the job, screwing America and her taxpaying citizens every way he can.

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