Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Out, Damned Democrats

CNS has been asking Democrats if it is morally right to use tax dollars from pro-life taxpayers to pay for insurance plans that cover abortion. The answers they get reveal that the donks have long ago abandoned the use of any moral compass. It is no wonder they are plagued by corruption, loss of integrity and lack of ethics. Human life in its most innocent form is irrelevant to them.

The question: Do you think it is morally right to use taxpayer money of pro-life Americans to help pay for insurance plans that cover abortion?

Senator Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) response: "Well, that remains to be decided by an--we need to discuss all of these. I think that this is something that we have to consider and as we look at abortion, what about diabetes, what about--you know, there are others, and we need to be a little more general than be specific."

In this deluded fools mind abortion somehow is on a par with diabetes. This man is voting on what will be law?

CNS follow up question: OK, so is abortion on the same level as diabetes, would you say?

Senator Akaka's brilliant reply: "Well, it’s one of the issues. It’s one of the issues."

The issue here is Senator Akaka, a fool who needs to be turned out of office at the earliest possible moment.

CNS asked the same question of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) Here is her reply: "Is it morally correct? Yes, I believe it is. Abortion is legal, and there (are) certain very tragic circumstances that a woman finds herself in. Married, with an unborn baby that’s unable to survive outside of the womb, her doctor tells her it’s a threat to her health. I think she ought to have a policy available to her. "

So according to Dianne legality equals morality. Interesting, she would have done well working for the Nazis, but she would have paid a price at Nuremberg.

CNS follow up question: "So it’s morally right for pro-life taxpayers to have to help pay for plans that cover abortion?"

Feinstein's response: "Please. We pay for a lot of things that we may or may not agree with, and taxpayers pay for it, for those things, as well."

And in Dianne's morally compromised mind that makes it all ok. You can tell she doesn't even want to be bothered weighing the morality of a question. Please, it's all about political power. Go away God you bother me.

Senator Barbara Boxer, the other devil's Democrat daughter from California, compared coverage of abortion to coverage of viagra. She was joined in this insane comparison by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) who said that he wanted his daughters and granddaughters to have access to it. Frank wants to give the gift of baby murder to his own babies. God help us. These people make Lady Macbeth sound like Mother Teresa.

We can no longer allow the morally and ethically bankrupt to run our nation. We need people of integrity to rise up and stand in the gap. It is time, it is right and it must happen now.

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