Tuesday, December 08, 2009

He Means It This Time!

Still warning of strong sanctions against Pyongyang, Barack Obama's envoy began a trip to North Korea Tuesday for talks with the communist nation. Stephen Bosworth's mission is to find out whether North Korea will return to talks on ending its nuclear programs after carrying out an atomic test blast in May and quitting negotiations.

It seems Obama's dog is good at barking, but his dog is toothless. North Korea knows it, Iran knows it, Venezuela knows it, Al Qaeda knows it, the whole world knows it. We might as well stop all this foolish posturing and assume Obama's favorite posture which is bowing.

Our economy is in shambles and continues to deteriorate. A smaller loss of jobs during a month and a dip in unemployment to 10% now constitutes not an anomaly, but a positive trend. Yet, no one in the press challenges such nonsense. The morons in the media still dance to Barack's piping.

Meanwhile the naked emperor prattles on about global warning, universal health care and fixing Afghanistan in 18 months. Can we survive three more years?

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