Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Raise Your Hand and Save Your Watch Tonight

Tonight Obama will speak. It will be a speech designed to please all the people all of the time and it will wind up pleasing no one. Our miltary will be the biggest losers as they have been for the last three months that Obama wasted in hand wringing.

With a commander in chief who cannot and will not embrace the task of taking the war to our enemies, our troops are handicapped from the start. We have a fool for a vice president who is only interested in retreat. We are in a world of hurt.

The left, like Michael Moore, are already complaining and spewing their hate. Barack and his boys are politicians and if they have to compromise national security to advance their agenda, well so be it. They need the liberals to gain socialized medecine and further cripple this country.

Listen closely tonight. You will hear the voice of politics, not patriotism.

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