Saturday, April 09, 2005

It Could Happen

The children pictured above were discovered at an orphange in North Korea. They are the legacy of illicit relationships between "men in black" and extraterrestrials. In Massachusetts these unions are now legal and ceremonies are often performed by Teddy Kennedy in exchange for some cheap scotch and a friendly flotation device.
The legality of these unions was upheld just recently by the Supreme Court when Justice Anthony Kennedy quoted Ferengi law from Star Trek as precedent.

Growing no larger than two feet tall, these half human orphans all suffer from delusions of adequacy and subsist mostly on noodles cooked in garlic flavored diesel fuel.
Rarely venturing forth from their mountain hideaway, they are fast replacing the Yeti as the most endangered species in Asia.
They are now under the protection of both P(ET)A and the ACLU (Alien Civil etc.) .

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