Sunday, May 22, 2005

Logo Not Diverse Enough

The worst part about this is the complaining parent is actually a teacher. By her logic, everytime I don't see a Caucasian represented, I should take it as a racist message. What a crock. And instead of laughing her out of the office, the school officials entertain her complaint. They've all gone mad.

A Mckinney ISD parent is calling a new logo symbolizing the district's preschool program a form of racism.

The logo depicts a fair-skinned child doing a cartwheel in front of the earth. But Leslie Moore, a McKinney teacher whose child is in the preschool program, took exception.

"It sends the wrong message," Moore said. "It's telling me that every other ethnic race other than Caucasian is inferior to the Caucasian race."

Moore sent an e-mail to preschool director Kristina Perez, who wrote back, "The intention was never to make any ethnicity feel left out."

Perez also wrote, "T-shirts are already in print, along with bags for the children. We have also designed letterhead. At this point, I don't think it would be feasible to make changes."

"I would like to see that every child is being represented on the logo," Moore said. "That they are worthy of making the face of a t-shirt."

McKinney ISD administrators told News 8 they have stopped all printing of the logo. They'll meet with Moore next week to discuss other options, including another logo that depicts diversity with three children.

"We have a very diverse school district, and we're very proud of that," said McKinney ISD spokeswoman Diana Gulotta. "There was never any intent at any point to offend anybody. We're sorry that Ms. Moore was offended, and that's why we want to meet with her."


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