Monday, July 10, 2006

The Morals Of Murderers

Hamas' leader, Khaled Mashaal speaking of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit said that "it's impossible to release the soldier without getting something in return. This would be humiliating for the Palestinians." "Our goals and our morals command us to keep the soldier alive," he stressed.

Which goals, what morals? Defending the kidnapping of a soldier and the killing of others during a time of proclaimed cease fire to further the goals of terrorism rather than peace is hardly moral behavior. That is why it is pointless to negotiate with hate filled murderers like Hamas. Whatever furthers their Isalmomaniacal agenda to them is a moral goal.

According to Mashaal, "the Palestinans executed a heroic operation by capturing that soldier, even though the world's response in support of Israel is not proportional to the extent of the operation. Today, the Palestinian people are united regarding this operation in a way that they had not been in the past. The operation was one of bravery for the nation. We are proud of this operation and send our condolences to the shahids and their families."

If this is what you are proud of, you have no place mediating with the civilized nations of the world. I look forward to your becoming a mere footnote when the obituary of terrorism is finally written.

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