Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Somalia protects Islam from Soccer

You can't criticize Islam, you can't have a piggy bank, and you sure can't watch soccer. Aren't we all impressed by the religion of peace and tolerance?

Islamomaniacs killed two people screening a broadcast of the World Cup in Somalia, a girl and the cinema owner. read the report at CNN.

What religious fervor, what a god these psychotis worship. How dare anyone disagree, how dare anyone have fun.

The madness continues, unabated and justified by the terrible theology of those who have no conception of the fact that the one true God is all merciful.

Who would want to spend an eternity with the supreme being that these nut cases worship? Better indeed to rule in hell than serve this beast. Why are people afraid to come out and say it aloud? These are uncivilized savages, something out of the dark past of subhuman development, better left to die in their own miserable rabid throes than to be dealt with as real humans.

This war must be prosecuted as if we were hunting the zombies in Night of the Living Dead. Give no quarter, take no prisoners and exterminate the menace. It is literally, them or us.

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