Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Franks Cops A Free Feel

Gay representative Barney Franks got caught blatantly fondling an up-and-coming politician's buttocks at a public event. According to gay weekly the Washington Blade, the frisky Frank was escorting rising gay (interesting phraseology) politico Mike Evans into the VIP section at Philadelphia's Equality Forum when he boldly seized the opportunity to cop a feel from the younger man. The tush-grabbery was caught by alert photogs covering the event, and the pictures soon surfaced on the Internet.

Ok, if a heterosexual Republican politician was caught grabbing a females butt on camera the news would be all over the place (remember the to do about Arnolds escapades). So why does Barney get a free pass? We all know why, because the leftist news people think this is a wonderful expression of Barney's "sensitive nature". Doesn't it make you
want to puke?

From the NY Post.


Gribbit said...


I can't stand that guy. And it's not because he's gay. Well, I'm not a fan because he's gay. But the reason why he irritates me is, that he doesn't know when to shut his pie hole. During the Schiavo debate, he had to allot himself 30 seconds each and every time a Republican spoke. I'm convinced that he likes the sound of his lispy voice.

Good Post.

BobG said...

Thanks, Gribbit, you're right. This "guy" has a lot of really questionable behavior in his past, by anyone's standards, but he gets a pass by the politically correct.

Stacy said...

Is this the "New Double Standard"? Pardon my short comment, I need to hurl.

p.s. Bob, did you read your daughter's latest post? It was wonderful, you should link it.

KC said...

"'xcuse me while I ...WREEEEETCH"...What is this world coming to? Someone needs to expedite an EMAIL to JESUS and tell him the GENE POOL needs cleaning NOW!! This is sick!