Monday, May 02, 2005

University of Colorado Sued For Discrimination

What were the odds? They defend a liar and a plagiarist but hassle a pro-life group. Of course there is a CU in the ACLU.

The University of Colorado (CU) at Boulder has been sued for allegedly discriminating against a student pro-life group on campus.

At issue is a university decision to deny the group Justice for All (JFA) the location it requested to set up an outdoor pro-life exhibit. The exhibit features graphic photos of late-term abortions. CU officials assigned the group to an area of campus that has less pedestrian traffic and, according to the group, insufficient space for the entire exhibit.Jeremy Tedesco is an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, which has sued the school on behalf of JFA."They need to abandon their policy that grants CU officials the unbridled discretion to determine what events are and are not potentially disruptive and controversial, and that also permits those officials to make up ad hoc restrictions on speech deemed to be so," the attorney says.

The ADF attorney also notes what he sees as a double standard at CU. "University officials do not have the right to play favorites," he says. "They defended free speech for [CU professor] Ward Churchill when he called 9-11 victims 'little Eichmanns,' yet they've disregarded the free speech rights of this pro-life student group."

"The university officials at CU-Boulder are hypocrites when it comes to free speech," Tedesco exclaims.

From Agape Press.

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