Monday, January 15, 2007

X Caught By Alert Saudi Sages

In a stunning display of Islamic intellectualism, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Saudi Arabia has condemned the letter "X".

Now, mind you, this group has has the ultimate say in all legal, civil and governance matters in the kingdom of the koranic kooks. They have issued a fatwa against the infidel letter consigning it to damnation along with Piglet, women who drive, Jews, the pope, prophet drawing cartoonists and Christians among others.

The letter's condemnation resulted from an inquiry about whether a Saudi businessman could be granted trademark protection for a new service with the English name "Explorer.” Fortunately the alert Saudi guardians of muslim moronity seized upon the suspicious looking letter and revealed its pathetic attempt to disguise itself. They exposed it for what it is, a cross!

Web sites are already speculating that the plus sign may be next and I wouldn't put it past these clever clerics to soon be looking very hard at the letter "T".

Remember,it was only in 1974 that this commission issued a fatwa declaring that the Earth is flat.

I wonder how Malcolm X would have felt about this?

Thanks, NewsMax.

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