Sunday, May 11, 2008

America Fails To Support Freedom Of The Press

The American press is being rightly criticized by the Danish newspaper editor who published the cartoons of Mohammed. He accuses them of undermining free speech by failing to republish the cartoons when the issue prompted riots in Muslim countries two years ago.

Flemming Rose said, "Europe has usually been criticized for being politically correct and on the defense when it comes to Islam, but more European newspapers published the cartoons,” he said. “We might not have had the kind of ongoing crisis if more newspapers around the world would have published the cartoons at the same time because by doing so you would have drawn a clear line. ... Instead, it was pretty unclear what people in liberal democracies thought of this issue.”

Where is John Peter Zenger when you need him?

Meanwhile, before he spoke, a handful of ignorant Muslim students protested. One carried a sign saying, “Hate Speech Cannot Be Free Speech.” Of course, they would like to be the ones to decide what is hate speech and what is not. Idiots!

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