Monday, May 12, 2008

Hugo Revives His Clown Act

If it isn't monkey boy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or ding dong Jong-Il then its Hugo the Marx brother Chavez. This time he's ranting that Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, shares the political ideals of Adolf Hitler.

Hugo criticized Merkel for belonging to the conservative Christian Democratic Union, calling the movement "the same right wing that supported Hitler and fascism."

He was on the verge of launching more insults at Merkel, but suddenly stopped short.

"Ms. Chancellor, you can go to ..." he said during his weekly television and radio program, before pausing. Then he added: "Because you are a lady, I won't say any more."

As if Hugo would know a lady or a gentleman if he fell over one. Hugo just can't shake his roots as an uncouth lower class thug. He reminds me of a Khrushchev with less refinement.

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