Saturday, May 24, 2008

Obama Telling More Tall Tales

For a guy who promises no dirty campaigning, Obama is certainly telling an awful lot of lies and now doing it to try and make others look bad. He recently lied about hate crimes against Hispanics doubling and then blamed Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh for it. The man is either stupid, evil or both.

Check out this CNN transcript with Kitty Pilgrim (CNN), Bill Tucker (CNN) and Jack Martin (The Federation for American Immigration Reform).

PILGRIM: Thanks, Casey. We look forward to your report.

Also Senator Obama launches an astonishing and inaccurate attack on Lou and this broadcast.

And President Bush refuses to change his failed policies on so- called free trade. We'll have a special report, war on the middle class.


PILGRIM: Senator Barack Obama last night told a Florida crowd that Lou contributed to a rise in hate crimes in this country. This is not the first time Senator Obama has attacked Lou and this broadcast and it's not the first time the senator has been wrong on the facts. Bill Tucker reports.


BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou Dobbs is clearly on Senator Obama's radar from before the presidential primaries...

OBAMA: We're not going to solve the problem if we're just shouting about it like Lou Dobbs and folks on television.

TUCKER: On the campaign trail in the middle of the primaries.

OBAMA: And so when I hear Rush Limbaugh or you know Lou Dobbs or some of these people talking about how we need to send them all back. We're not going to send them all back. First of all, this is a country of immigrants.

TUCKER: And as the primary season comes to a close at a fundraiser closed to cameras in Florida Thursday night the senator again took aim at Lou, saying quote, "There's a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year. If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it's not surprising that would happen." The senator's campaign staff could not tell us where he got his stats. But they're wrong, according to the FBI, hate crimes against Hispanics rose at a much slower rate than other groups and they certainly didn't double in 2006. Reported hate crimes against physically or mentally disabled individuals rose 49 percent.

Hate crimes against Muslims and gays increased 22 percent. Hate crimes against Jews rose 14 percent. Reported hate crimes against Hispanics rose 10 percent. In sheer number there were 576 hate crimes reported against Hispanics in 2006; 522 in 2005. Given the estimated increase in the Hispanic population through legal and illegal immigration, the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, which advocates for reduction in all immigration, argues the numbers show a very different picture over time.

JACK MARTIN, FDN. FOR AMER. IMMIGRATION REFORM: If you look the data from 1995 up to 2006, the trend in the number of hate crimes per 100,000 Latinos is actually down.

TUCKER: The largest number of reported hate crime offenses in 2006, based on just the numbers is anti-Black crime, at 2,640.


TUCKER: As for speaking hate, Lou has been very clear on this topic repeatedly. He has the utmost respect for the vast majority of illegal immigrants whom he calls hard working, good people. That fact, however, doesn't make unlawful entry into the country and illegal employment legal. Illegal immigration and legal immigration, Kitty, are two distinct separate issues.

PILGRIM: Well any viewer of this broadcast would know that we do make the distinction between legal and illegal immigration and we make it very, very clearly.

Thanks very much, Bill Tucker.

There you have it, Obama made up this stuff in Florida trying to pander to the Hispanic vote. If he's elected, America will become an Obamanation.

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