Saturday, May 24, 2008


The UN is, once again, showing how totally useless it is. According to an article in the World Tribune, The United Nations peace-keeping force in Lebanon has maintained a quieter-than-usual presence since the Hizbullah takeover.

Lebanese sources said UNIFIL has increased its coordination with the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah in the south of the country. The sources said UNIFIL commanders have stopped patrols near Shi'ite villages and have coordinated checkpoints with local agents of Hizbullah or army officers regarded as close to the militia.

"UNIFIL used to coordinate with the Lebanese Army, but now that is only for show," a Lebanese security source said.

"UNIFIL keeps Hizbullah informed of its movements at practically all times. There is no stomach for any misunderstanding that could lead to a confrontation."

In March 2008, UNIFIL, with a force of 13,500, sought to seize a truckload of Hizbullah weapons south of the Litani River. A Hizbullah squad confronted the UNIFIL soldiers and the truck was allowed through the checkpoint toward the Israeli border.

I love this quote. "I will tell you what UNIFIL troops in southern Lebanon are," Shi'ite cleric Ali Al Amin, an opponent of Hizbullah who fled his home from Tyre in May, said. "They are tourists, simple, faint-hearted and ignorant tourists."

In a May 17 interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Al Amin said Hizbullah has intimidated UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army. He said UNIFIL has ignored Hizbullah activity conducted outside peace-keeping bases.

"Everyone knows that the national army is too weak to take Hizbullah on, and UNIFIL forces pretend not to see anything," Al Amin said. "Hizbullah has built its own cable telephone system and is getting re-armed right outside their [UNIFIL] bases. Can they really do nothing to stop it. Can't they report it?"

What is the point of a UN peacekeeping force if they keep the peace by avoiding confrontation. Everything about the UN is seedy and disgusting. It is completely and utterly without redeeming value and we should extricate ourselves from it ASAP.

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