Friday, May 23, 2008

So Many Choices

We have a fair idea who John McCain may be considering for VP, but who will Obama choose?

Some names being mentioned are: Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson and Sam Nunn. It is a rather large pool, but here are some names no one has mentioned.

Cynthia McKinney, she seems to embody the sentiments of many of Barack's closest associates. She has been credited with telling Jet Magazine that the "white, rich Democratic boys club wanted [her] to stay in the back of the bus." Well here's her chance to ride shotgun for the driver.

Robert Byrd, the reformed Klansman can keep the Obama presidency flush with lots of crazy ideas and emotional outbursts. Barack can play down his remarks by referring to them as snippets, a tactic he has used successfully to defend his wife and pastor. The entertainment factor alone makes Byrd a strong contender.

James McGreevey, the gay former governor of New Jersey. He will carry the homosexual vote and needs the job so he can pay child support to his former wives. His character and total lack of integrity should dovetail perfectly with the liberal mindset of the Democrat Party.

UPDATE: Eliot Spitzer is added at Delle's suggestion. As she put it, so eloquently, he can bring in the prostitute vote and he has a heck of a lot of money. And, I might add, his character, hypocrisy and total lack of integrity make him a Democrat poster boy.

UPDATE: Maxine Waters is added because she will help make the oil industry as efficient and cost effective as Social Security. In addition, if you need something you need only to riot and take it from others because she understands. After all this liberal wants to socialize everything. A fine candidate for the ObamaNation.

There are others and if I have time later I shall add to the list. Feel free to suggest some and I may even poll to see who the most popular pick is.

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