Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up To No Good, As Usual

Two of California's biggest illegal lovers are up to no good. Dianne Feinstein and Zoe Lofgren are busy doing runarounds to bring in foreign workers.

Feinstein has attached a farm guest-worker program to the giant Iraq spending bill giving temporary legal status to 1.3 million farmworkers over the next five years. There are complaints that an existing guest worker program called H2A is cumbersome and ineffective. Supposedly, Feinstein's bill would streamline that program's rules. Streamline means watered down enforcement and no security. You know something like this will be abused and there will be no enforcement of any rules. Until we enforce the immigration laws currently on the books, not one new bill should even be considered.

Now, comes the one from the former immigration lawyer,
Zoe Lofgren. She has introduced five immigration bills, among them one that would allow master's and doctoral graduates from U.S. universities to apply immediately for permanent residence. This may not sound so bad, but if there are jobs waiting for these foreigners to fall into, why are we not educating Americans to fill these positions. Let's educate our own first by whatever means necessary. The firms that would employ these people should scholarship American kids who have the potential, but perhaps not the means to get these degrees.

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