Sunday, May 25, 2008

More ObamaNation

The candidate who claims to be a unifying force and the voice of hope failed again to rise above the pettiness of politics. He accused Hillary of stoking anger in Florida and Michigan over the decision not to recognize the states' primary votes.

"They weren't stirring it up when they didn't need the delegates," he said. "Let's not sort of pretend that we don't know what's going on. This is, from their perspective, their last slender hope to make arguments about how they can win." Were Obama in Hillary's position he would more than likely be doing the same thing.

Then, he went after John McCain's suggestion that Obama's lack of military service makes him unqualified to criticize him on veterans issues.

"I will cede to no one the ability to talk about veterans issues," Obama said. "My grandfather was a veteran. Those veterans benefits helped my grandparents to raise my mother. I have veterans throughout the state of Illinois that I've been fighting for since I came into the United States Senate."

Notice how conveniently Barack waltzes out his white relatives when they are of use to him. Grandma was a racist, but Grandpa was a veteran. Give me a break.

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