Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Kennicott Conspiracy

It took progressive paranoia and acrobatics reminiscent of Rose Mary Woods accidental erasure of Nixon's tapes, but another conspiracy has been uncovered by the left.

Philip Kennicott had a writhing writing spasm in the Washington Post where he concluded that the Obama Joker poster was really saying Barack can't be trusted because he's black.

It is madmen like Phil who kill the true hope in this nation. To precariously leap to such an outlandish and unverifiable conclusion regarding criticism of a president has not only no merit, but says something deeply disturbing about the author's own racial beliefs.

However, Phil has the right to say what he will, a right he may well prefer the creator of this poster were not permitted.

Just because our president is black, Phil, it does not mean every cartoon and joke about him is racist. Get over it, we have a black president and some people just don't like his politics. That does not automatically make them Klan members in the real world, a place you should try journeying to someday soon.

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