Monday, August 31, 2009

Truly Clueless

OK, I can't stand it anymore. The police have to stop these inane statements and CNN has to stop reporting them with a straight face.

First, the FBI issues a description for a bank robber suspect with an "unshaven goatee." This way you will not confuse him with someone with a shaven goatee?

Now, the police chief in Glynn County, Georgia offers this gem. He admits they have "no known suspects" in the recent murder. "We are not looking for any known suspects," Police Chief Matt Doering said. "That doesn't say that there are no suspects. They're just not known to us."

If they're not known how can they be suspects and if they're suspects how can they be unknown? Clue number one, if you don't have suspects you know about, there aren't any!

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