Thursday, August 06, 2009

Obama Wants Direct Withdrawal

The following was reported at KFYI in Phoenix:

Section 163 of the health care bill states that the government would be allowed real-time access to a person's bank records - including direct access to bank accounts for electronic fund transfers.

Even-though the bill mentions privacy aspects, the fact remains that if approved, Obama's health care plan will give the government permission at any time to your personal bank records.

Arizona Congressman John Shadegg says people have the right to be concerned.

"It's pretty Orwellian, it certainly gets the government pretty darn deeply involved in private matters in our lives."

Everyday the Obama regime gets more repressive. They ask neighbor to rat on neighbor; they want pictures taken of those who protest and now they not only want to tell you when it's time to die, but they want instant access to your funds as well.

Barack's drive for oppressive power must be stopped.

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