Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's Chickens Coming Home Early

What every intelligent and rational person already knew, Barack is being forced to verbalize.

Unemployment will climb to 10 percent this year and the deficit will be $1.5 trillion next year. These numbers are both higher than the Barack boys predicted. They, of course, are still trying to say the recession was deeper and wider and longer and higher than anyone could have anticipated. That is a crock. Things are bad and going to get worse because this administration makes the three stooges look like Einstein, Da Vinci and Tesla.

To say that Barack and company are inept is too kind. Obama is incompetent and in way over his head. He can no longer play the blame game. This is all happening on his watch and he is responsible for the mess.

Because of his massive ego he will be unable to let go of this madcap health insurance scheme. He will still want to spend us further into debt and will tax us all into the poorhouse to do it.

He must be stopped before he places us in a hole we can never escape. When election time comes, make your vote count. In the meantime, let the politicians know that those who support Obama will pay the price.

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