Monday, August 31, 2009

A Night With Gabby Part 1

OK, she showed up. But, before we get to that part let's talk about the prelude.

You know how the left always talks about organized, groups
seizing control of town hall meetings? Well, all the organization at this one, people with signs, people with stickers, idiots with dolls in wheel chairs were on Gabby's side. Now, remember everyone with an ounce of awareness(and I know that eliminates a lot of the lefties) knew no signs were allowed. But that didn't stop these turkeys.

The geriatric hippies and Barney Franks' boys in the band from Bisbee were there ready to skip to any Obama tune that might be played. Gabby brought trendy friends from Tucson who had to rub elbows with country folk.

I saw an old fool in short pants wearing a shirt that said "God has no borders." Have you heard about heaven and hell, pal? There's no one crossing that border, I'll clue you. And, if you want to emulate God, guess what. He doesn't have health insurance. This moron had a cast on his left foot, probably from trying to extract it fom his mouth.

Then there was the sign, "Who would Jesus insure?" How about nobody moron, He healed people. This scum is always trying to drag God into their argument until we're talking about virtuous living or killing unborn babies.

Enough, I'm tired and there are so many more idiots to write about. I'll be back tomorrow skewering more of these losers of the left.

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