Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charlie Gibson, Opts for Ignorance

Charlie Gibson of ABC (Another Barack Company) news has claimed to be totally ignorant of the ACORN scandal. Gibson told a radio show Tuesday morning that he wasn't familiar with the story — and it might be "just one you leave to the cables." This is the guy entrusted to do the news? He obviously doesn't spend much time doing research or for that matter just reading the news.

And, he thinks it's funny.
"I don't even know about it," Gibson said, laughing. "So you've got me at a loss. ... But my goodness, if it's got everything, including sleaziness in it, we should talk about it in the morning."

As bugs bunny says, "What a maroon."

It is obvious that ABC censors the news to put Obama and other liberals in the best light possible. They would rather look like complete idiots then simply admit they are a propaganda tool of the subversives in America.

Remember Charlie, ignorance is only bliss where it's folly to be wise.

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