Monday, September 07, 2009

Dean Defends the Devil, Mr. Jones

The mad doctor of the Democrat party, Howard Dean, was in the news again. This time he is bemoaning the loss to America of Barack's green beast, Van Jones.

"I think he was brought down," Dean told "FOX News Sunday," saying he just spoke to Jones. "I think it's a loss for the country."

He mentioned the facts that Jones graduated law school and that he is an author, as if that alone credentialed him for government service.

Like most of the media, Dean ignores the facts substantiating Jones' consistent pattern of hatred of America and his desire to subvert and destroy the American system of government.

"I don't think he really thinks the government had anything to do with causing 9/11," Dean said.

But, spokesman Mike Berger, whose group sponsored the statement, earlier told FOX News that Jones knew what he was signing. Of course, he did.

Dean is even more dangerous than Jones and is a perfect example of why the water in Vermont needs to be tested.

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