Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gabrielle Giffords, What Say You?

How many times must the anniversary of September 11th come and go before our government takes border security seriously?

On the same day Lloyd Easterling, acting media director for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, confirmed they will reduce the number of agents on the border with Mexico, comes a report from government auditors that the effort to secure the Mexican border with technology and fences has fallen years behind schedule, will cost billions of dollars extra in maintenance costs and has no clear means of gauging whether illegal crossings have been curtailed.

Mark Borkowski, who directs the Secure Border Initiative for the Department of Homeland Security said, “We are as frustrated as anybody is.”

Not hardly, Mark, you have no idea how we feel. It is way past being frustrated we are now at full unadulterated disgust with the incompetence of you and your ilk.

The Government Accountability Office says the department has fallen about seven years behind its goal of putting in place the technology the Bush administration had promoted when it announced the Secure Border Initiative in 2005. In 2006, the report said, the department estimated it would have a system of cameras, radars and sensors in place to aid a force of border guards by the end of 2009, but the completion date is now projected as 2016. Why isn't Gabrielle Giffords working on this problem instead of working fund raisers in Delaware?

There is no excuse for this failure to protect and secure America and its citizens. Firing these cretins doesn't even approach appropriate payback for their traitorous behavior.

Rise up America and take our nation back.

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