Saturday, September 19, 2009

Insane Killer on Field Trip to Fair

An insane killer sneaks away from the state hospital staff during a field trip to the county fair. Sounds like the plot for a low budget Halloween movie doesn't it? But no, this really happened at the Spokane County Fair.

"He's got a very significant criminal history in his past," Police Chief Layne Erdman said. "He's been known to harm police officers when encountering them, he's obviously escaped from mental hospital so we do have concerns about what he's capable of."

Concerns? For heaven's sake this is a homicidal lunatic we're talking about here. And he didn't escape from a mental hospital he ran away at the fair.

The news report says Eastern State officials are trying to figure out what went wrong, prompting an immediate halt of criminal field trips across the state, and launching an investigation in mental health policies.

What went wrong is not realizing that taking psychotic murderers on field trips is probably a bad decision. Whoever made that decision will hopefully be looking for work very soon, a future in lawn care might be appropriate.

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