Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Part Deux, Gabby and Demento Carmona

Gabby brought Richard Carmona a former Vice Admiral and Surgeon General with her. Carmona, who tried to come across as apolitical, was a clever pick by Gabby. He's a decorated veteran and this is the home of Fort Huachuca. However, as John Murtha has proven to us, not all veterans are honorable men.

Carmona parroted the same old liberal nonsense about how we have to change everything right away because the system is too costly and we're told by organizations like WHO that there are twenty or thirty nations ahead of us in health care.

Of course, liberals like Carmona, and he is one, never give detailed explanations of how the rating system is done and how we are comparing apples and oranges. No, they seize on some stupid study that they feel supports their agenda and run with it. Just like another liberal parrot that kept repeating her mantra last night, "check factcheck.org." I nominate her for the euthanasia poster child.

Anyway, Gabby, nice try with Doctor Demento Carmona. That wild eyed lefty can claim the office of surgeon general is apolitical, but we who can read, write and walk erect all know it's not and we certainly know this mad sawbones who went out of his way to demonize the president who appointed him is not. His NYC and SF roots are showing.

Stay tuned for the third act.

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