Saturday, September 05, 2009

Not the Van Jones Barack Knew?

Events in our nation continue to get uglier and uglier.

More and more we have information coming out about Barack's Green Czar, Van Jones. We know he was a communist, he believed in a 9/11 conspiracy and denounced America the day after 9/11. We've heard his juvenile remarks about Republicans, punctuated by poor grammar and sneers. Now, it also comes out that he helped disrupt an Oakland police youth event with a demonstration of support for a cop killer on death row.

Our president appointed this piece of trash and is paying him with the tax dollars of American citizens. Despite all that we know about this evil, subversive scum, he remains in office while our incompetent commander in chief wonders what to do about him.

If we had a leader with an ounce of wisdom and dash of integrity this man would not even be allowed to visit the White House. As it stands, Barack will get rid of him, not because it is the right thing to fix this horrible mistake, but because he simply cannot afford to haul more radical baggage than he already is burdened with now.

Is it any wonder that the Chinese Communist flag will be flying proudly at the White House later this month? How long before it is a permanent fixture?

We have a president who has shown his fondness for people who love all things communist, from their flags to Che Guevara posters. His supporters love Fidel and Che and despise America.

We must take our nation back.

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