Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm not of Italian extraction but I always loved the Italian festivals when I lived in NYC. There was always a lot of fun and the food was outstanding. I don't think anybody was offended because corned beef and cabbage wasn't represented.

What is this guy's problem? Maybe the Sopranos need to pay him a visit.

The Italian Festival of Angels, attended by dozens of food and crafts vendors and thousands of residents, concerned at least one North Haven resident. The issue was brought to the attention of the Board of Selectman at their last meeting.

Resident Morris Pederson was upset that the festival was held on the town green.

“I had no problem with the festival, I do have a problem with the location,” wrote Pederson. “It doesn't leave a good impression with us taxpayers that are not Italian.”

The letter was given to First Selectman Kevin Kopetz on Oct. 10 and stated that Pederson was concerned with the use of the Green for the festival because it was “bias for a single culture.”

In the letter Pederson suggested an international festival where people can sample foods from all over the world, in hopes of not discriminating all the other nations. He also noted that the line-up of outhouses in front of Town Hall was “disgraceful.”

From Shore Publishing.

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