Saturday, December 10, 2005

Iran Plots Rigging Of Iraqi Election

The emergence of democracy in Iraq is so threatening to Iran and Syria that they will do anything to prevent it. To complicate things even more, both nations are run by leaders out of the mold of Hitler and Stalin. This is one more reason that our success along with the freedom loving people of Iraq and the Middle East is so important.

The following is from Iran-Focus News.

Iran has ordered its “agents” in Iraq to rig the parliamentary elections on Thursday, according to an Iraqi website.

The plan is to be carried out in three stages, the website Iraq al-Qad wrote on Wednesday.

The first stage involves voting multiple times with forged ballots. There will also be widespread propaganda to mislead ordinary Iraqis to vote for the pro-Iran Shiite slate led by the cleric Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim.

During the second stage, Tehran’s agents will attempt to tamper with the records of all the ballot boxes at the end of the polls, the report said.

The third stage is when the final voting slips are delivered to the provincial capitals to be transferred to the United Nations’ tally centre. Tehran has ordered its agents, some of whom have senior official positions, to tamper with the votes in certain provinces.

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