Monday, December 12, 2005

Persons of the Year, ACLU Style

To help select the Person of the Year for 2005, TIME has asked some well known people whom they would choose.

For reasons that I won't argue here, one of the people solicited was Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU. Now, do you think anyone from the ACLU is seriously going to weigh the merits of who should truly be the Person of the Year or will they nominate some self-serving entity that will promote the personal agenda and subjective opinions of their organization?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the nomination of Anthony Romero and the ACLU, the envelope please:

I nominate "Ghost Detainee X," representing almost 30 prisoners held incommunicado, without legal rights or access to counsel, in a network of secret prisons in Europe and Asia. Their existence raises serious doubts about whether or not we are betraying the best of American values.

I didn't expect him to nominate the American soldier although that would have been an excellent choice. I got what I expected and what TIME knew they would get, a left wing talking point. We have all come to anticipate this kind of America bashing from both the ACLU and TIME but, now they are so bold as to not even attempt to hide that they are working in concert. I cannot decide which organization is more disgusting.

To give you some idea of how ridiculous this nomination is, you need to see the TIME poll where you can vote for your favorite. Although the "Ghost Detainee" is not currently an option, Mother Nature is, right up there with Pope Benedict XVI. Of course, two other options are Bono and Valerie Plame. Andrew Weil who nominated Mother Nature also offered"the unknown Iraqi victim" as an option. I wonder if they checked to see what he was currently medicating himself with while he considered the question. Need I say more?

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