Sunday, December 18, 2005

You'll Be Told What To Do

Obviously not open to diverse opinions regarding their organization's agenda, the ACLU can't bring itself to be cordial to the Christian clergy. What evil spell was the gay grinch Romero conjuring up in his den of iniquity that he couldn't drag himself away from for a few moments? I'll bet Satan is a jealous taskmaster.

I wonder where the letters are now...perhaps gone to the shredder that the ACLU has grown so fond of recently.

The following is from Agapepress:

...A Christian leader says the American Civil Liberties Union was anything but civil recently when he presented the organization with thousands of letters. Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council recently presented to the ACLU 20,000 letters protesting that group's attacks on Christmas and other forms of religious expression. Schenck says ACLU executive director Anthony Romero was not interested in talking. "When I asked if I could see Mr. Romero, I was told no," Schenck relates. "When I asked if I could speak with his assistant, Scott, who was on the phone with me, he said no." Further, says the ministry leader, when he asked if he could simply deliver the letters and than discuss them later with ACLU officials, he was told: "When you get here, you'll be told what to do." When Schenck arrived at ACLU headquarters in Washington, DC, he was told to go to the back door, near the dumpster. The delivery service assured Schenck that the letters would be given to Mr. Romero. Schenck observes that "while the ACLU [claims to] be champions of free speech, they had no interest in hearing what we had to say." [Bill Fancher]

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