Monday, July 25, 2005

Anita Hill, Talking Trash

So, I guess Anita Hill is saying that we should choose justices for the Supreme Court based on race, ethnicity and gender rather than merit. Adding this to her attacks against Clarence Thomas one might conclude she just doeasn't want conservative males on the court.
Although she admits she knows little about Roberts' ideology, the fact he is a white male is enough to exclude him, in her opinion. If this kind of prejudicial tripe were coming from a white male, there would be hell to pay but Anita Hill will get a free pass from the press.

Anita Hill, the woman who opposed Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court by alleging sexual harassment, is now blasting President Bush's selection of John Roberts, claiming it's a step back for diversity and fears it could lead to "an all-white-male Supreme Court."

From WorldNetDaily.


John said...

For a second there I thought the Title was Anita Hill Is Trash, which would be true too.

BobG said...

Lol, Jay, maybe I should show that as an alternate title.

tomslick said...

It just could be time for a gov't funded study on brain degeneration due to pubic hairs on coke cans.

Amy Allen said...

""Good Lord, is she really arguing that appointments to the Supreme Court should be made based on skin color and gender, rather than judicial merits?"
-Hmm, that's the exact question I've been wanting to ask President Bush (and his 42 predecessors).