Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hillary Wants College Aid For Illegals

The old Clinton treachery is on the loose. Hillary wants secure borders but votes against more border patrol agents and facilties to detain illegals. Hillary says she's against illegal immigrants but wants to pay for their college education. And there are people who want her for president. What a sad, sad state of affairs.

U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said Monday the "achievement gap is beginning to close" between Hispanic and white students, while Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton countered that she's not convinced the federal government is doing enough to help Hispanic youth get through school.

Spellings and Clinton each spoke at the convention of the National Council of La Raza, a four-day event that ends Tuesday.

The two did not dispute statistics that show Latino students have the nation's highest high school dropout rate and the lowest college enrollment rate, but diverged on whether the government is fixing the problem. Praising No Child Left Behind, the education law President Bush signed in January 2002, Spellings pointed to National Assessment of Educational Progress scores released Thursday that show 9-year-olds, including Hispanics, have improved their reading and math scores. "These results did not come out of thin air," Spellings said. "They came from a commitment to doing something that's never been done before, a commitment to giving every child a quality education." "The achievement gap is beginning to close," she said. But minutes later, the Democratic senator told the same group: "You are doing your part, but I don't know that your government is doing its part right now." Clinton stressed that, though younger students' scores have improved, 17-year-olds have made virtually no gains since the tests first started being given 30 years ago. "I'm not sure that we are doing everything we should to make your job easier, to make sure that the opportunity society is alive and well for everyone," she said. Linda L. Silva, a Democratic organizer and advocate for Latinos in Concord County, Pa., stood with hundreds of others to applaud Clinton, particularly when the senator called for policy changes that would allow undocumented immigrant students to receive college aid.
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Calvin said...

There's no quicker way to breed class and racial division than to put Hillary Clinton in charge.

I'm so glad that limousine liberals like her find it appropriate to take money from the working class to pay for the education of illegals.

BobG said...

Yes, Warden, she wants to take taxpayer money and give it to lawbreaking foreigners when there is not even sufficient money for the education of our own children. The woman is evil incarnate.