Friday, July 29, 2005

Another Plus For America, If Cheney Would Run

Helen Thomas has said she will kill herself if Dick Cheney runs for president. Wow, that's tempting. Would she be willing to up the ante and take a few more of her ilk with her? It could be a journalistic Jonestown. We'll mix up a batch of poisoned latte and on the six o'clock news, while Dan Rather gets instructions from Edward R. Murrow, they can lift off to that great gray lady in the sky. It is then that Dan will finally learn what the frequency is and why Kenneth is his code name. Courage!

Please use the comments section to nominate your choices to join Helen in her gift to America. Thank you!


John said...

I don't want anyone to kill theirself.

BobG said...

It's a joke Jay...anyone who would make a statement as ridiculous as the one Helen Thomas made should not be treated seriosly.

Stacy said...

I LOL when I heard this. Obviously a figure of speech, but, who would I like to see disappear from the media? I can't choose one. How about one show? The Today Show, Matt and Katie really should seek reality before they espouse liberalism.

Regular Ron said...

Stacy, the Today show's useful idiots came to mind as well.

As well as, Marueen Dowd, Paul Kerugemen, ALL OF CNN, ALL OF AIR AMAERICA, and well, the majority of the liberal media.

NYT's, Washington Post, and newspaper out of San Fran-Freak-O, yep, I don't like any of them.


BobG said...

I'll add Neal Gabler from News Watch.

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